Grill Daddy Brushes are a Must-Have!

Posted by Jennifer on 8/27/2014
K. Thor Jensen, of, recently wrote an article about the “must-haves for any self-respecting grill master” and Grill Daddy brushes were featured.

Keep it Safe with the Grill Daddy King Tong Pro

Posted by Jennifer on 8/20/2014
The Grill Daddy King Tong Pro was recently featured for website, uncrate, and they highlighted how our fire-tending tool can help people tend to fires safely.

Save Money with Grill Daddy Brushes

Posted by Jennifer on 8/13/2014
Review site, Graded Reviews, wrote an extensive article about Grill Daddy brushes and highlighted how the original Grill Daddy, the Grill Daddy Pro and Grand Grill Daddy can save you money.

Grill Daddy Brushes are Perfect for Picnics

Posted by Jennifer on 8/6/2014 reminds us that summertime is “Picnic Time” and they wrote an article exploring some “must-haves” for the picnicking season. Included in their list is the Grill Daddy Pro brush and author, Cali Lewis, discusses the merits of the Grill Daddy Pro with a bit of humor

Grill Daddy Summer Sweepstakes - Enter Now!

Posted by Jennifer on 8/1/2014
There's still time! Enter for your chance to win a Grand Grill Daddy brush in our Grill Daddy Summer Sweestakes!