Celebrate Summer with the Grill Daddy Camping and Tailgating Kit

Posted by Jennifer on 6/28/2014
"There couldn't be a more timely summer gadget than the Grill Daddy 6-in-1 stainless steel grill kit" declares a recent article from the Miami Herald exploring various gadgets and innovations.

Grill Daddy Pro Brush Maximizes Your Efforts

Posted by Jennifer on 6/21/2014
Cleaning a BBQ or grill is “the job we all love to hate…” says a reviewer of Grill Daddy Pro Brush for LoveThatMag.com and the Grill Daddy Pro Brush is “perfect for large gas and charcoal grills.” The reviewer goes on to describe how the Grill Daddy Pro Brush “allows you to easily steam away baked-on food, grease, and all residue.”

Grill Daddy: The Perfect Gift for Dads All Year Around

Posted by Jennifer on 6/17/2014
This past Sunday we stopped to celebrate some of the special men in our lives and fathers everywhere received Grill Daddy products as a gift from their loved ones. We wanted to express our hope that all you had a wonderful, safe and joyous Father’s Day! A variety of news sources and review sites discussed how Grill Daddy is a great choice for dads. Our “Celebrate Father's Day with Grill Daddy” post mentioned a number of these sources. Other sources included...

Grand Grill Daddy Named Best Cottage Gadget

Posted by Jennifer on 6/11/2014
“The key to delicious food is a clean grill…” says Amy Valm in her Connected Rogers article exploring “the best gadgets to take to cottage this season.” Valm states that the Grand Grill Daddy Brush is an “innovative tool [that] is easy-to-use and perfect for barbeque dinners with friends.” She goes on to note how the Grand Grill Daddy Brush uses steam and that “steam melts away hardened food and sterilizes” the grill.

Celebrate Father's Day with Grill Daddy - Order NOW!

Posted by Jennifer on 6/9/2014
Father’s Day is almost here and everyone’s discussing the best gift for Dad! A number of recent articles demonstrate how Grill Daddy products make the perfect gift for fathers and we’ve even created special Grill Daddy sets just for Dad! Order now to receive your Grill Daddy purchase in time and be sure to choose the expedited shipping option!

The “Handy” 6 in 1 Camping & Tailgating Grill Set by Grill Daddy

Posted by Jennifer on 6/4/2014
William Hageman of the Chicago Tribune reviews the Grill Daddy 6 in 1 Camping and Tailgating Grill Set and discussed how this handy camping set could be easily used by any camper.