What You Need for a Comfortable Deck

Posted by Ronda on 3/25/2014
When you build a deck or move somewhere that has one, there are some elements you need to make sure your deck both comfortable and functional. These are all easy to get so that you can create the deck of your dreams with ease. Once you have all of these items in place your deck will become a place that is build for entertaining and relaxing summer nights. There is nothing quite like coming home from a long day at work and spending time with those you love under the stars.

How to Clean the Outside of Your Grill

Posted by Ronda on 3/6/2014
While the inside of your grill may see the most action, it is not the only place that dirt and grime accumulate. Over time, this debris can erode the surface of the grill, not only making it look less attractive, but also potentially hampering the functionality of the grill, as well. It is just as important to clean the outside of your grill as it is to clean the inside. Fortunately, cleaning the outside is typically much easier than cleaning the outside.