The Best Wood for Your Fireplace

Posted by Jennifer on 1/26/2015
Many of us are now in the midst of the cold wintry months. It's the perfect time to grab your Grill King Tong Pro and some firewood as you build a warm, roasting fire. But what types of wood should you use to build the best fire?

Grand Grill Daddy is a Must-Get Gift for Grill Masters

Posted by Jennifer on 1/20/2015
Alli Neal, of the popular website Cheat Sheet, recently wrote a piece exploring 13 "must-get gifts for grill masters" and the Grand Grill Daddy makes the list!

Grill Daddy Pro Tackles Grill Build-Up!

Posted by Jennifer on 1/13/2015
"What is grill build-up?" asks Gary (the "Outdoor Cook") from Cooking Outdoors. "It’s the cooking junk/gunk that is left on your grill from your last grilling session." Gary decides to try the Grill Daddy Pro and he discovers how this brush can help him tackle grill build-up.

Grill Daddy Customers Rate the Grand Grill Daddy

Posted by Jennifer on 1/6/2015
Grill Daddy customers have been offering some of their thoughts about our Grand Grill Daddy over this past year. We're pleased to share some of their Grand Grill Daddy insights and reviews with you.