Essential Tools for Any Grill-Lover

Posted by Michael on 1/29/2014
To start grilling, you'll need a great grill. But that's just step one in the journey. Next, you'll need a great set of quality grill tools so that you can master grilling any dish.

How Often to Clean a Grill

Posted by Ronda on 1/24/2014
Grill aficionados know that cooking on the grill adds significant flavor to both meat and vegetables. However, cleaning the grill is much less fun than cooking with it. Although some chefs choose to put off grill cleaning, the truth is that you need to clean your grill after every use, both to keep your grill in good working order and to prevent caked-on grease and smoke from damaging the flavor of your food.

The Importance of Keeping Your Grill Clean

Posted by Michael on 1/18/2014
You’ve planned this party for a long time. You’ll be having old friends over for a backyard barbeque, some you haven’t seen since high school. You’ve been practicing up on your recipe for baby back ribs and you have some corn you want to cook in the husks.