How to Perfectly Cook Different Cuts of Meat

Posted by Richard Gunner on 3/6/2017
How to Perfectly Cook Different Cuts of Meat
Visiting your local butcher isn't always as convenient as grabbing some meat at the supermarket — but it's often the only way to experience rare and delicious cuts of beef. There’s a whole new world to uncover and with a few cooking tips, you may well find you have a new favorite steak cut (and potentially some extra change in your pocket too.)

Grand Grill Daddy Platinum Named the Best Grill Brush of 2016

Posted by Andre on 10/5/2016

This grill brush is a multi-power tool packed into one brush that is guaranteed to keep your grill clean.  Grill Daddy is composed of both aluminum alloy and heavy-duty stainless steel, allowing it to be lightweight and extremely powerful to use. With the stainless steel composition, it will last longer than any other brush on the market and will not rust. It also gives the brush a classy and shiny sheen that will be easy to rinse off and clean when you are done. 

Grill Daddy Recommends: Easy Grilled Salmon

Posted by Jennifer on 3/18/2015
Nothing beats the taste of grilled salmon! Grill Daddy invites you to consider this Easy Grilled Salmon recipe from Simply Recipes...

Spring Cleaning Your Grill!

Posted by Jennifer on 3/10/2015
We’re less than a month away from Spring and many people are already enjoying the warmer weather. It’s a great time to do some “spring cleaning” on your grill and Grill Daddy wants to remind you of these simple tips...

Bonjour Grill Daddy Customers!

Posted by Jennifer on 3/2/2015
People from all over the world love our Grill Daddy products! If you’re one of the many Grill Daddy customers that come to us from Europe we invite you to also visit

Get Ready for Grilling Season: Know Your Ground Beef

Posted by Jennifer on 2/24/2015
It’s getting closer! Grilling season! Soon you have all those beef items are your grill again. But do you know the different types of ground beef?

Grill Daddy Review: Gear up for Spring with Grill Daddy

Posted by Jennifer on 2/16/2015
Spring is only a month away and with it comes the sights, sounds, and smells of grilling all across the United States. One Original Grill Daddy reviewer discusses how our Grill Daddy brush makes “BBQ season” even better.

Celebrate Valentine's Day with a Romantic (and Safe!) Fireplace Picnic

Posted by Jennifer on 2/10/2015
Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and – if you haven’t planned anything romantic for your special someone – now is the time! A great way to celebrate each other’s company is by a warm, roasting fire...

It's Game Day! Get Your Grill On!

Posted by Jennifer on 2/1/2015
Game Day is here! It's time to get out the grill and prepare all those delicious dishes to celebrate with your family and friends. No doubt you already have some of your favorites planned, but why not mix things up a bit this year by trying one of these great recipes...

The Best Wood for Your Fireplace

Posted by Jennifer on 1/26/2015
Many of us are now in the midst of the cold wintry months. It's the perfect time to grab your Grill King Tong Pro and some firewood as you build a warm, roasting fire. But what types of wood should you use to build the best fire?

Grand Grill Daddy is a Must-Get Gift for Grill Masters

Posted by Jennifer on 1/20/2015
Alli Neal, of the popular website Cheat Sheet, recently wrote a piece exploring 13 "must-get gifts for grill masters" and the Grand Grill Daddy makes the list!

Grill Daddy Pro Tackles Grill Build-Up!

Posted by Jennifer on 1/13/2015
"What is grill build-up?" asks Gary (the "Outdoor Cook") from Cooking Outdoors. "It’s the cooking junk/gunk that is left on your grill from your last grilling session." Gary decides to try the Grill Daddy Pro and he discovers how this brush can help him tackle grill build-up.

Grill Daddy Customers Rate the Grand Grill Daddy

Posted by Jennifer on 1/6/2015
Grill Daddy customers have been offering some of their thoughts about our Grand Grill Daddy over this past year. We're pleased to share some of their Grand Grill Daddy insights and reviews with you.

10 Fireplace Tips for this Holiday Season

Posted by Jennifer on 12/29/2014
The holidays are upon us and nothing beats sitting in front of a warm, toasty fire. It’s always important, however, to make sure your holiday fire doesn’t turn into a holiday tragedy! Grill Daddy invites you to consider the following tips to help your keep holidays feeling warm...and safe!

The Grill Daddy Holiday Special!

Posted by Jennifer on 12/18/2014
Happy Holidays from the Grill Daddy Team. Get an Original Grill Daddy Bundled with a FREE set of replacement brushes and a meat thermometer for one low price!

Says GeekDad: Grill All Year Around and Use Grill Daddy Pro to Clean

Posted by Jennifer on 12/16/2014
Ryan, of GeekDad, loves to grill all year around and he decides to review the Grill Daddy Pro to see if it can help keep him to grill every season!

Make Life Easier with Grill Daddy!

Posted by Jennifer on 12/8/2014
Jenny, from popular review site JennyReviews, surprises her husband with the Original Grill Daddy brush and they discovered how Grill Daddy's steam cleaning action makes life easier!

Holidays with the Grill Daddy King Tong Pro

Posted by Jennifer on 11/30/2014
Gear Patrol is a website dedicated to the spirit of adventure and the passion for gear. The Grill Daddy King Tong Pro was named in their “Today in Gear” series and Gear Patrol’s Nick Caruso discusses how we often connect the winter holidays with a warm fire.

Making Life Easier with the Grill Daddy King Tong Pro

Posted by Jennifer on 11/24/2014
Marshal M. Rosenthal, of Tailgate Fan for CBS Local Media, wrote a piece this year exploring some ways one can host a tailgate party, make sure they can enjoy the game and he discusses how the Grill Daddy King Tong Pro is an essential part of the party.

Meeting the Awesome Grand Grill Daddy

Posted by Jennifer on 11/16/2014
In a post dedicated to grill season Southern Soul expresses their love for grilling and remind their readers that grilling takes both practice and the right tools. The Grand Grill Daddy is named as one of their favorite grilling tools.

The Ultimate Tailgating Combo Special!

Posted by Jennifer on 11/9/2014
It’s tailgating season! It’s time to break out those team jerseys, your cooler and – of course - your grill. Make sure you don’t let the act of cleaning your grill become a hassle or keep you from the game. Right now we’re offering a special “Ultimate Tailgating Combo.”

Grill Daddy Camping and Tailgating Set: Compact and Sturdy

Posted by Jennifer on 10/29/2014
Grill Daddy “makes a wide range of heavy-duty BBQ tools and accessories” begins a Denver Post review about our Grill Daddy 6 in 1 Camping and Tailgating Set. “Now the company has created a compact tool set designed for camping trips or other excursions that present grilling opportunities….”

The Amazing Grill Daddy Pro

Posted by Jennifer on 10/22/2014
“Grill Daddy Pro is such an amazing cleaning tool” declares in their review of our Grill Daddy Pro brush. “It uses the power of water to wash away all the grime on your grill -- in just minutes.”

Grilling on the Go!

Posted by Jennifer on 10/16/2014
A recent Newsday article titled “Travel gear and gadgets for when you're on the go” highlighted a number of travelling must-haves including the 6 in 1 Grill Daddy Camping and Tailgating Grill Set.

Grill Daddy Presents Some Tailgating Tips

Posted by Jennifer on 10/9/2014
Football season and tailgating represents a match made in heaven. Grill Daddy wants to encourage you to host the best tailgating and grilling parties possible this season by following these great tailgating tips.