Spring Cleaning Your Grill!

Posted by Jennifer on 3/10/2015
We’re less than a month away from Spring and many people are already enjoying the warmer weather. It’s a great time to do some “spring cleaning” on your grill and Grill Daddy wants to remind you of these simple tips: 

If you use a propane grill be sure to inspect your tank. Run a propone leak test before you start to grill this season. Be sure to clear out any debris from the venturi tubes (the tubes that connect gas to the burners). When you first fire up the burners be sure to look for spots that aren't flaming evenly. 

Clean the exterior and interior parts of your grill. Use a sponge and some warm soapy water to clean the exterior stainless-steel and enameled surfaces of your grill. Wipe dry and prevent streaking on stainless steel by going in the direction of the finish. Some people also use early Spring as a time to apply high-heat spray paint on the exterior of their grills in order to touch up those surfaces that don't come into contact with food. 

Inspect the underside of your grill hood and make sure there isn’t any chipping paint present. Begin the season right by thoroughly cleaning your grill grates with one of our Grill Daddy brushes. Our Original Grill Daddy brush is perfect for small to medium gas and charcoal grills. This revolutionary grill-cleaning tool uses the power of steam to steam away all that baked-on food, grease, and black residue. Our Grill Daddy Pro brush is perfect for your mid-size grills and our top of the line Grill Daddy brush – the Grand Grill Daddy – is crafted from aluminum alloy. It is a powerful professional-grade grill-cleaning tool and comes standard with a replacement brush set. 

Some people also use the Spring as a time to re-season their cast-iron or metal grates with oil. There's no need to coat chromed-steel or ceramic grates. 

Check your grill’s hot spots: Even heat is important when you’re grilling! To identify the heating pattern of your grill, cover grates with slices of white bread and then run burners on high for a few minutes. Turn off the flames and flip all the slices of bread to see which ones toasted the most. 

Finally, Grill Daddy wants to remind you of these grilling safety tips as your prepare to grill this Spring: 

  • Store propane tanks outside and shelter them from direct sunlight. 
  • Do not fire up your grill in an enclosed area. 
  • Make sure your grill is at least 10 feet away from your house and away from any flammable materials. 
  • Be sure to open the lid before your light your gas grill. 
  • If you're out of charcoal lighter fluid, do not substitute with kerosene or gasoline.