Says GeekDad: Grill All Year Around and Use Grill Daddy Pro to Clean

Posted by Jennifer on 12/16/2014
“I love grilling year round regardless of the weather,” says Ryan Carlson (of GeekDad) in his review of the Grill Daddy Pro, “…and I’m always looking for ways to improve my techniques and tools concerning the art of cooking meat with fire.” 

Ryan said he when he realized he had an opportunity to review the Grill Daddy Pro he “didn’t want to pass up the chance….” He said his grill did have a lot of grease and black, crusty build-up and that he had been using a wire brush to try and keep it clean. 

“I put it to the test and decided to clean my nasty neglected meat-cooking-machine by preheating the grill and filling the Grill Daddy up with water” Ryan continues. And how did his Grill Daddy Pro work? “The steam really did a wonderful job of peeling back the layers and getting me at the clean ceramic powder coated steel underneath” he reports. “The power of steam really does a great job and it’s clearly no gimmick…. I’d recommend it to fellow grilling GeekDads out there.”