Making Life Easier with the Grill Daddy King Tong Pro

Posted by Jennifer on 11/24/2014
Marshal M. Rosenthal, of Tailgate Fan for CBS Local Media, wrote a piece this year exploring some ways one can host a tailgate party while also making sure they can enjoy the game.

“So you’re having the gang over for the big game” begins Rosenthal. “You’re about to discover that hosting the biggest football party of the year isn’t so hot. How can you have any fun if you’re constantly worrying about keeping everyone served? How can you actually watch the game? That’s where gear comes in.”


Rosenthal continues by naming the Grill Daddy King Tong Pro as a tailgate must-have. “Grabbing that rack of ribs or tossing another log on the fireplace — trying to do either in a hurry so you can get back to the party can result in disaster” Rosenthal observes. So use the Grill Daddy King Tong Pro’s “30 inches long set of massive jaws as an extra hand.”

Rosenthal notes how the Grill Daddy King Tong Pro included an integrated heat shield and a rotating hand. The King Tong Pro can “make lifting pretty much anything you can eat or burn a simple task.”

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