Grilling on the Go!

Posted by Jennifer on 10/16/2014
A recent Newsday article titled “Travel gear and gadgets for when you're on the go” highlighted a number of travelling must-haves including the 6 in 1 Grill Daddy Camping and Tailgating Grill Set. 

The reviewer notes a number of benefits that come from our Grill Daddy Camping and Tailgating Kit and says: 

“A camper or traveler -- with a little practice -- can quickly and easily assemble the tools for whatever grilling task is called for. Though the disassembled kit is compact, the elements themselves are not miniaturized. The spatula face, for example, is a hefty 4 by 51/4 inches, and with the provided extensions the tools are full size. The heat shield also is a valuable asset. The stainless-steel utensils are dishwasher safe.”