Grill Daddy Pro Tackles Grill Build-Up!

Posted by Jennifer on 1/13/2015
"What is grill build-up?" asks Gary (the "Outdoor Cook") from Cooking Outdoors. "It’s the cooking junk/gunk that is left on your grill from your last grilling session. At we get lots of build-up and that equals lots of cleaning." 

Gary decides to try the Grill Daddy Pro and he discovers how this brush can help him tackle grill build-up. "I wasn’t sure the Grill Daddy Pro Grill Brush could clean," Gary admits "...boy was I wrong!" The Grill Daddy Pro "...just dug thru the grime/crud/junk petrified BBQ sauce and who knows what." 

After cooking 20 lbs. of chicken and 15 lbs. of steak on his grill he says his grill was filthy, but as he used his Grill Daddy Pro brush it "took all of three minutes to clean and restore to cooking condition." 

"Grill Daddy Pro, my new weapon of choice when confronting grill build-up" Gary concludes. 

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