Grill Daddy Presents Some Tailgating Tips

Posted by Jennifer on 10/9/2014
Football season and tailgating parties represent a match made in heaven. Grill Daddy wants to encourage you to host the best tailgating and grilling parties possible this season by following these great tailgating tips: 

1) Get those coals hot! This can often take 30 or more minutes and the coals should display a light coating of grey ash. Make sure your coals are very hot before you start cooking any food on your grill. 

2) Careful with all that gas! If you’re using a gas grill instead of coals be sure you check for loose hoses and that you’re careful about lighting. A common mistake is lighting your gas grill with the top closed. This can potentially result in an explosion. Make sure you’ve read and understand your gas grill’s safety guide before you light up and keep you, your loved ones and your tailgating neighbors out of harm’s way. 

3) Bring the meat thermometer! Make sure all your grilled meat and poultry items are cooked to the right temperatures and that you insert the thermometer into the thickest parts of the meat. Here’s a list of the minimum cooking temperatures from 

4) Bring a fire extinguisher too! Even careful and experienced grillers can’t predict everything. Sometimes the combination of a hot grill, debris and windy days can lead to sudden fires. Be prepared for those unexpected events by bringing a fire extinguisher along. Be sure to check the expiration date on the extinguisher! 

5) Hot foods served hot! It’s always best to serve the hot foods ASAP but, as recommends, any hot perishable foods should be eaten at least within 2 hours aften leaving the grill (or 1 hour if the outside temp is above 90 degrees). 

6) Clean it up! Make sure you bring containers for leftover food items that can be safely stored away. When it doubt, throw it out! Also bring along your Grill Daddy brush. Clean the grill after you’re done grilling your food items, but before it cools down completely. Review the Grill Daddy Brush instructions

7) Now cool it! Don’t leave your grill unattended before it’s time. Heading over to the game, and believing the air and wind will simply cool your grill down for you, may lead to trouble. Team banners, canopies, tents and even cars could catch on fire. Try to do your grilling early on in your tailgating party, make sure your embers are completely put out, and look for specially designated bins where you can dispose of hot coals.