Grill Daddy Helps You Create the Perfect Burger

Posted by Jennifer on 7/12/2014

Annette Joseph is a photo stylist/producer who specializes in lifestyle editorial images for national magazines.  In her blog, Annette Joseph, she recently discussed her love for the “perfect burger.” 

“Nothing like a great burger” Annette begins, and “personally I always think that cooking is all about the tools.”  Annette is then given the opportunity to try some Grill Daddy Heat Shield BBQ tools

“Super handy, the Grill Daddy heat shield barbecue tools shield your hands from grill heat and splatter. Clever, right?” Annette asks.  “I love that you can change out the heads of the spatula, which includes a fish flipper, basting brush and fork attachment that are perfect for grilling.” 

Read her full Grill Daddy article.