Grill Daddy Customers Rate the Grand Grill Daddy

Posted by Jennifer on 1/6/2015

Grill Daddy customers have been offering some of their thoughts about our Grand Grill Daddy over this past year. We're pleased to share some of their Grand Grill Daddy insights and reviews with you. 

"I've been grilling for over 30 years and a co-worker recommended this to me. No batteries, gizmos, etc. Simple and effective, using water and a hot grill the steam really does clean the grates. This is a winner." - Steve S. Simon 

"This grill brush really works great. the bristles are strong and the steam from the water helps loosen and remove all the cooked on food from the grill. We love it!!" - Grace Fondacaro 

"Steam cleaning is the BEST way to clean off the grill. No more goop or build-up. WE LOVE IT!" - Ellen Schumacher 

"This is absolutely the best grill cleaner I have ever used. It cleaned everything from my grill in a matter of seconds. Completely dish washer safe and all stainless steel." - Mark Bailey 

Collectively, these Grill Daddy customers give the Grand Grill Daddy a 4 1/2 stars (out of 5) rating on Amazon! Read more of these Grand Grill Daddy reviews and learn more about our Grand Grill Daddy.