Grand Grill Daddy Platinum Named the Best Grill Brush of 2016

Posted by Andre on 10/5/2016

2016 Gold Winner

#1 GOLD PICK (WINNER): BEST GRILL BRUSH OF 2016 - The Grand Grill Daddy (ON SALE!)

The Grand Grill Daddy
The first pick in this review is the beautiful Grill Daddy Grill Brush. At first look, the brush seems to be intensely creative and hard to manage, however do not let its many bells and whistles fool you. This grill brush is a multi-power tool packed into one brush that is guaranteed to keep your grill clean.

Grill Daddy is composed of both aluminum alloy and heavy-duty stainless steel, allowing it to be lightweight and extremely powerful to use. With the stainless steel composition, it will last longer than any other brush on the market and will not rust. It also gives the brush a classy and shiny sheen that will be easy to rinse off and clean when you are done. The product is available with different attachments you can choose based on your needs, but the platinum model specifically has a “Steam and Crud Buster” that will take care of any leftover goop that you might not want to hang around on your grill after cooking a delicious meal.

The handle is ergonomically correct so you can grip it and scrub as hard as you want without getting a sore, cramping hand from it. The superior leverage that it gives your arm will benefit the grill in addition to the natural design of the handle. Also, with the design of the handle, it will protect your hands from the heat of the grill while you clean, preventing burns. Even if you have plenty of buildup on your current grill, this will help to remove what years of cooking has caused.

With a three-row scraper brush, it can fit into all of the nooks and crannies and still work effectively at any angle you might need it to. The bottom bristles form a flat square surface in order to reach into the corners of the grill to remove any built up grease. The top of the brush also has an attached head filled with bristles for removal on the lid, or if you want to scrape in-between two grates for multi-level grills. Most grill brushes require additional products filled with chemicals in order to enhance the efficiency of the brush. With this one, it does all of its work through steam, meaning you will never need to use any harsh chemicals for ultimate cleaning.

Years of any type of grease and food related build up may be making you think about buying a whole new grill. Instead of throwing away hundreds of dollars for a grill that still works great, the Grill Daddy promises to remove anything stuck on the grill that you may have given up on trying to get rid of. One of the most unique features of this brush is that is has the ability to steam the grease right off of the grates. All you have to do is fill the brush with water, turn it on and it will steam it right off. This is especially helpful when you are entertaining guests and would like to sit down to the nice hot meal you just cooked yourself. Instead of letting your food get cold and cleaning the grill right away fearing permanent damage to the grill by letting the grease set, you can feel free to eat and clean later.

Replacement bristles are available for when your Grill Daddy gets worn out, so you don’t have to worry about reinvesting your money in a new brush every time you cook. Although it does take quite a while for them to wear down to the point where they need to be replaced. When you purchase it for the first time from Amazon, the package will include two sets of professional-grade, dishwasher safe brush heads that have the possibility to last a lifetime. If you do need to change the bristles, simply pop the old ones off and attach the new set. It is safe for use on all stainless-steel, ceramic and iron grills. The measurements are 7.5 x 20 x 6-inches for the entire brush. It is built to last and will do its job wonderfully for many years.

If you are going to use it for the first time on a grill that has tons of dirty build up, all you have to do is preheat the grill, and with the Grill Daddy steamer it will release the measured amount of water you put into it as you clean. This will turn into steam and rinse away all of the burnt-on food and grease. If your grill is really tough to clean, you can adjust the amount of steam simply by loosening the cap. After each use, just pour the excess water out and turn the brush off.


The brush comes with 100% satisfaction guaranteed, and a lifetime warranty if you ever feel that it did not live up to its expectations, or there is an issue with the brush.

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