Get Ready for Grilling Season: Know Your Ground Beef

Posted by Jennifer on 2/24/2015

It’s getting closer!  Grilling season!  Soon you have all those beef items are your grill again.  But do you know the different types of ground beef?  Ground beef (sometimes called beef mince) typically include five types:

Traditional ground beef:  This option contains the largest amount of fat (often between 25% to 30%). According to the USDA you can have up to 30% fat in traditional ground beef, but no fat can be added.  It is made from different parts of a cow, and it’s typically good for making hamburger patties or meatballs. Because it’s high in fat it’s also usually the cheapest to buy.

Ground round:  Ground round has about 15% fat and it’s made with the lower end of a cow.  Ground round still contains enough fat to make meat patties, however, but it is much leaner. Because it has less fat it’s usually more costly than traditional ground beef.

Lean Ground Beef:  Lean beef typically contains less than 10% fat. This kind of beef usually doesn’t work well for hamburgers.  Its’ low fat content means the meat becomes much drier than the other two options. Lean beef is, however, a good choice for people who desire a low-fat diet. It’s usually among the most expensive types.

Ground sirloin:  This beef has an average of 10% to 14% fat is comes from the midsection of a cow. Many grillers use sirloin because of the low fat content means a healthy choice.  It’s also among them most expensive types. 

Ground chuck:  This beef contains about 20% fat.  It is made from the front of the cow and it is lower in fat than some other options.  It has enough fat to make a juicy burger. 

Whether you purchase your ground beef from cattle farms, a local butcher or a grocery store you now know what you’re getting. All types can be used to create tasty beef items on your grill so pick which type works best for you and the food you want to create.  Happy grilling!