Celebrate Valentine's Day with a Romantic (and Safe!) Fireplace Picnic

Posted by Jennifer on 2/10/2015

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and – if you haven’t planned anything romantic for your special someone – now is the time! 

A great way to celebrate each other’s company is by a warm, roasting fire.  Why not grab some of his/her favorite foods, some good wine, and create a picnic right in front of your fireplace?  Dimmed lights and a cozy fire is a great way to set the mood.  Add some candles throughout the room and turn on some soft music to add to the romantic atmosphere.  Be sure to keep things safe by using our Grill Daddy King Tong Pro to tend your fire.

Looking for something extra romantic this Valentine’s Day?  No problem.  Consider these tips:

Pick some “love foods” - While you’ll want your picnic to have some foods you both enjoy, don’t forget about those foods items that are considered romantic  Almonds, chocolates, dates, raspberries, strawberries, wine, and champagne are some great choices.

Add those special touches - Buy some red, pink and white balloons and place them throughout the room or spread some rose petals across the blanket, table or floor.  (Note: real rose petals might cause stains on carpet or clothing).

Flowers are still a major plus - Don’t forget the flowers!  Roses are the traditional way to go, but you can also use his/her favorite flowers.  Get them in a bouquet from a florist or place individuals flowers into some small vases with some greens.  Spread them around the room, up a staircase or along the fireplace mantel.